Importance of Air Ambulance in Emergency

In the field of Emergency Medical Services, time plays a very important role as you need to reach to the patients as early as possible to assist them with immediate care and take them to the nearest hospital, if needed. Even a delay of a fraction of a second may cost the patient's life. To cope up with this situation, a series of improvements have been made to serve people in a more efficient manner in critical emergency medical situations.

A few years ago, an ambulance was used only to take patients to hospitals. Whereas, today, the modern ambulances comprise of latest technological equipments so that patients can be given emergency services even before reaching the nearest hospital. In some of the cases, transporting the patient to a bigger hospital is not required due to the treatment provided in the nearest hospital. On the other hand, there are some of the places across many cities in our country that are not accessible to regular ambulance services because of lack of development or space within that area. These areas may be remote areas or places that can't be reached quickly by a normal sized ambulance.

In these cases, it would be more suitable if we use an air ambulance. An air ambulance is an aircraft which is used for emergency medical assistance for quicker response to areas where air transport facility is mostly available. Apart from functioning as a traditional ambulance, an air ambulance consists of all the required medical equipments like ECG, ventilators, medicine, and stretchers etc. Moreover, a group of medical personnel is also aboard with the air ambulance to assist the patient in the best possible manner.

How to minimize cost of air ambulance medical transportation?

An air ambulance is a powerful as well as life saving tool but if you are trying to book a flight yourself, it can be a challenge on its own. Considering that, you will be bound to see many phrases & terminologies which are not familiar to you and that can make selecting a service provider a lot more difficult than it should have been. As you try to search on your own without any research, cost of air ambulance transportation will be on the higher side.
Here are some of the frequently used air ambulance terms that you will surely come across once you will embark on your air ambulance cost search:

Role of Air ambulance in rescuing people from emergency situations

Almost all the medical emergencies are emergencies, where time plays a very important role in saving someone's life. At times even a single second makes a lot of difference. There are many strategies that are used in medical profession to cope up with these life threatening situations and one of the most popular and highly used strategies is use of an air ambulance. In the beginning, when air ambulances were only used for transporting patients who are in an urgent need of medical assistance to a waiting emergency medical team at a distant hospital.
While it seems as an expensive option for some people to use an air ambulance, there are some areas that can't be easily reached by road. It is not always speed that plays a very decisive role, sometimes it is a question of accessibility. Air ambulances in India have got the same technology that is being used in regular road ambulances like Stretchers, defibrillators, ventilators, along with a host of various other modern medical equipments.

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