Prime Air Ambulance in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is a country situated in Central Asia with a population of nearly in Central Asia alongside neighbouring countries like Afghanistan which is in the south east, Iran in south west, Uzbekistan in north east, Kazakhstan to North West as well as the Caspian sea on the west. With many ancient Turks like the Seljuk as, the Partisans along with the Khans of the Khoresms were empires that were built in the deserts. With a good amount of influence of Islamic religion on all these entities which are the main centres of allure that lies mostly around desert areas. Whenever you are visiting this country, make sure to go out for the Sunday market as it is famous for finest of Turkmen carpets. Government of this nation have made sure that good accommodation facilities are available all the time for tourists from across the globe. Because of which air ambulance services in Turkmenistan are a need indeed that is one of the reasons Prime air ambulance Turkmenistan is serving people with world class facilities.

Turkmenistan Airport
Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Airport Code: [ ASB ]
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