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Uzbekistan is a country situated in central Asia with a population of nearly 31 million people consisting of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan as neighbouring countries. Uzbekistan is also home to a lot of the primeval cities across the world considering that it is situated between two rivers, the Sir-Darya and the Amu-Darya. In ancient times it was known for being crossroads of the famous Silk Road, from where the whole silk trading was done. Making Uzbekistan the centre for all these things with good amount of technology being implemented at that time for improving irrigation systems, maintaining an armoury, weaving silk, growing alongside cultivation of cotton as well as distinct kind of grain, grapes, along with many other fruits and its home to many ancient monuments. Therefore air ambulance services in Uzbekistan are a must to cater the needs of everyone in regards to getting the best of treatment mostly in emergency cases. As a result Prime air ambulance Uzbekistan is working very hard to provide people quality services.

Tashkent International Airport
Sergeli District Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Airport Code: [ TAS ]

Hospitals near by Uzbekistan Airport Tashkent International Clinic Talimarjon St Tashkent, Uzbekistan Phone: +99-871-2910142
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