Air ambulance in Nature's Heaven: Laos

Laos is a country which is situated in Southeast Asia with many neighbourhood countries. That grabs traveller's attraction throughout the year such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and China. It is a country with a population of nearly 7 million people along with that the cost of living here is very inexpensive that is nearly $1.25 per day considering that in here people live a very simple life they wake up early in the morning open up their shops or they need to go for work as a result of which all of them come home early. There is natural beauty all around the place as a result of which people eat healthy food made up of fresh vegetables with use of non vegetarian by some people moreover folks in here are very humble. So, air ambulance in Laos is manly used by tourists visiting this place or affluent individuals living here. But there is a lot of scope for air ambulance in Laos as there is rapid growth in terms of increase in tourists arriving in here every, now and then.

Wattay International Airport
Vientiane Prefecture, Laos
Airport Code: [ IATA ]

Hospitals near by Laos Airport Mahosot Hospital Quai Fa Ngum Vientiane, Laos Phone: +085-621-214011
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